Word Bird eBooks – because every woman has a story

‘I have long thought that the words ‘book’ and ‘joy’ are interchangeable’.

Wordbird ebooksThis website is for lovers: lovers of words, of phrases, of writing, of stories and especially of books.

Books have the power to change our lives and transform our realities. They give us hope, inspiring us on to greater things, exposing us to manifold possibilities, often holding our hands as we jump. How cool is that?

Really, books (of all kinds, from bound ones to eBooks) are mini worlds with all the potential of human-kind in their pages: challenging, humorous, provocative, soothing , the stories they tell resonate with all the pains and pleasures of our lives.

And there has never been a better time to tell your story; to write your own book and influence the world.

‘When I get a little money I will buy a book, if there is anything over, I will buy food’. Erasmus